Student welfare is a very important part of the Pastoral Care at Da Vinci Academy. A happy, safe student will become a confident learner. From the first day at Da Vinci Academy, students become a member of a form group. Their Form Tutor immediately forges a strong bond with their students and will monitor their academic and personal development.

Pastoral Leaders monitor all aspects of students’ performance including attendance, readiness to learn, attainment and behaviour.  They work closely with Form Tutors and the Senior Leadership Team.

All of our Pastoral Leaders can easily be contacted by telephone before and after school as well as any time during the Academy day and are available to meet with parents and carers whenever is convenient, but we do recommend that you ring first and make an appointment.

The Pastoral Team

Sophie McKenzie Assistant Headteacher: Pastoral

Theresa Lucas Pastoral Leader for Years 7 and 8

Hannah Wilmott Pastoral Leader for Years 9 and 10

Tina Heyes Pastoral Leader for Year 11

Safeguarding and Attendance Team

Katie Roberts - Head Teacher

Keir Mather – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Martyn Rawlinson - Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sophie McKenzie – Designated Safeguarding Officer

Karen Thompson - Safeguarding and Attendance Mentor and Designated Safeguarding Officer

Lynn Ashwell - Attendance Liaison Officer and EAL

Cat Tiochta - Attendance Officer

SEND and Support Team

Martyn Rawlinson – Deputy Headteacher and Executive SENCO

Keir Mather - Head of SEND and Inclusion

Sylvia Britton - Assistant SENCO

Lynn Ashwell - EAL

Stella Mosley - Careers Advisor

The first steps

Pupils join Da Vinci Academy from a number of primary schools in the Derby area. 

The transition from primary to secondary school can be daunting.  However, we have a clear and strong transition programme with primary students visiting and taking part in events from Year 2 onwards.  These include maths challenges, sporting and music events.

Students in Year 5 are invited to spend the day at Da Vinci to experience a ‘typical’ day in a secondary school and Year 6 students attend ‘taster’ sessions in specialist science and technology areas.

The transition process into Year 7 is personalised and we work closely with Primary Head Teachers, parents and the students themselves.

The journey through the Academy 

It is important that our pupils become confident and independent young adults, who are both happy and productive. In our experience, a year-based pastoral system is the most effective way to support pupils in achieving this as specialist and specific support can be given during tutor time from careers support and guidance, to exam and revision techniques.

The form tutor plays a pivotal role for each pupil, establishing links and becoming the first point of contact for parents.  They also support the academic and social progress of pupils, striving for each of their students to achieve their maximum potential and assist in developing well-rounded young adults.

Keeping Children Safe

Da Vinci Academy takes its responsibility very seriously to ensure that all pupils and students are safe at all times, have their needs met and their welfare promoted.  All Academy staff are appropriately trained in, and committed to, the policies and procedures which ensure a proactive safeguarding culture is maintained at all times.