The transition from primary to secondary school can be daunting for parents and children alike. At Da Vinci Academy we aim to make the process as smooth, easy and enjoyable as possible. Places for Da Vinci Academy are allocated by the local authority and are confirmed on National Offer Day on 1st March. From this point we are working behind the scenes to gather as much information about your son or daughter from their primary school. Should you have changed your address between the end of October and the 1st March please let us know so that we can send all correspondence to the correct address.

Da Vinci Academy works in partnership with primary schools, key staff, parents/carers and the Y6 pupils, to provide a personalised transition process. We work with you to support you individually as you prepare for the move to secondary education.

At the end of May, we visit each school and meet the pupils individually as well as spending time talking to their teachers and other staff. Further visits are made for all students with additional needs. We offer enhanced transition, if needed. Some Year 6’s may need to visit Da Vinci Academy regularly during the summer term.

All the pupils attend two full induction days at the start of July.

On the first day of school in September, school is only open for Year 7. This allows them to feel confident and secure with systems and procedures.