The science department consists of 8 highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers with a genuine passion for the wonders of science.  Not only will we challenge you to think and appreciate scientific phenomenon, but we will encourage you to be critical of scientific procedures and results from investigations.  The department is well resourced and staff are encouraged to try out experiments and demonstrations with the support of the world’s greatest science technician.

Key Stage 3

At Da Vinci, the KS3 curriculum covers a variety of topics from the National Curriculum and further.  They set the foundations for further study into topics at GCSE and beyond, as well as taking time to focus on topics relevant to young people such as healthy lifestyles.  In year 9, focus shifts towards building on their prior knowledge and bringing it in line with the GCSE specification

Topics include: Cells, atoms, forces, energy, electricity and magnetism, chemical reactions, space, the human body and much more.

GCSE (Key Stage 4)

Da Vinci offers two pathways for GCSE science for the AQA exam board.  Combined science allows students to obtain two GCSEs in science across the three disciplines; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Alternatively, students can follow a broader curriculum by choosing to study separate sciences and obtain three GCSE grades, one in each discipline.