Within the English department we aim to help students develop both their creative skills but also their ability to analyse texts and draw their own conclusions about what they have read. We want the students to question the texts that they read and be aware of a writer’s ability to manipulate our thinking. Students will be encouraged to have flair and creativity in their work and will be encouraged to discuss, debate and constantly question themselves and their work.


Year 7

Autumn Term: Novel Study ‘Wonder’ R.J. Palacio/ Descriptive writing pirate theme.

Spring Term: Introduction to Poetry/ Non Fiction Texts.

Summer Term: Transactional writing – argue/persuade/advise/inform. This will be based around the theme of a music festival marketing team/ Introduction to Shakespeare through 30 min abridged plays.

Year 8

Autumn Term: Poetry from other cultures/ writing for purpose ‘Animal rights’.

Spring Term: Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice/Oliver Twist.

Summer Term: Animal Farm/Goodnight Mr Tom/ Transactional writing.

Year 9

Autumn Term: Of Mice and Men/ Power and Conflict Poetry.

Spring Term: Most Haunted Ghost Stories – Non Fiction Transactional writing/ Power conflict poetry.

Summer Term: Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet/ GCSE Spoken language exam.


Year 10

Autumn Term: Language Paper 2 Non Fiction Texts/ Christmas Carol 19th Century Text.

Spring Term: Blood Brothers play/ Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet.

Summer Term: Poetry Power and Conflict/ Language Paper 1.

Year 11

Autumn Term:  Revision of Christmas Carol/Blood Brothers.

Spring Term: Revision Language Paper 1/2/ Poetry/unseen poetry revision.

Summer Term: Examination preparation as is relevant to each class