Instilling a love of reading, writing and communication is at the core of everything we teach in English. Through a carefully designed scheme of study, we support our learners to become resilient, thoughtful and independent learners who are equipped with the skills needed for both exam success, and their literacy needs in their adult lives.

We tenaciously encourage our students to develop a life-long love of literature and reading for pleasure and success. On entry at Year 7, students are enrolled on to the Accelerated Reader programme which allows both teachers and parents to monitor and reward reading progress. In lesson time, students enjoy a wide range of activities to encourage mastery in both the written and spoken word, with homework tasks set weekly to extend these skills.

Throughout all years we seek to offer enrichment opportunities that range from theatre trips to visiting writers and poets, through which the skills of collaboration, independence and team-work are developed.

Our English curriculum is carefully designed to meet the needs of students in terms of providing a wide and diverse curriculum that is interesting and vibrant, yet also equips them with the necessary skills for success in examinations. In their course of study students enjoy a wide range of literature from Year 7 to 11, enjoying exposure to Shakespeare, Victorian fiction and modern day fiction and a wide range of contemporary and classical poetry.

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