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  • Da Vinci Community School is an 11-16 mixed gender Co-operative Trust School with around 560 students. We opened in September 2004 and moved into new state of the art buildings in 2006. We have outstanding facilities that are very hard to match.  Since 2004 our exam results have improved dramatically making us one of the most improved schools in the country. Our ethos and strategic development plans are based on 3 core values: Everyone a Learner; Everyone a Leader; Everyone Valued. Click here to read on...

  • Contact details for the School are as follows:

    da Vinci Community School
    St Andrew's View
    DE21 4ET

    Telephone: 01332 831515
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Latest News

  • Alternative timetable day

    In Humanities Y8 students learned about the realities of child labour by taking part in a factory simulation activity. Students worked on a production line producing t-shirts with a twist, instead of textiles these t shirts were made from A4 paper using origami. Everyone had a job to do on the production line and as the orders came in they had to work hard. There was strict quality control and students were docked pay if their paper folding wasn't up to standard!

    The factory owners were quite mean and treated the young people badly (sorry Y8, your teachers were only acting!) and at the end of their 12 hour shift most had earned about 50 pence. It was a fun activity to take part in but as the students found out that working in a factory is a reality for some 12 and 13 year olds in the developing world and they were then able to explore the issues involved further with a number of extension activities. At the end of the activity students reflected on their learning and recorded some thoughts and opinions about the issue on some large T shirts for display.

    Rolls Royce Visit

    On Friday 16th October, a group of Year 9 students visited the Rolls Royce site in Sinfin.

    During the visit we took part in a multitude of activities including:

    A tour of the Heritage centre looking at the history of Rolls Royce from the original Silver Ghost Rolls Royce to the up to date plane engines. We took part in a team project where we had to design and make an aeroplane that could be powered by a balloon with limited money to buy products. Teams had varying success on this challenge.

    The apprentices at Rolls Royce gave us an in-depth presentation on different careers in engineering and progression.

    The visit was very beneficial and it helped broaden our knowledge about the different career paths available.

    (article by Kirsty Hanmore and Sam Davies)

    Click Here to see more pictures of the Rolls Royce visit

    Thursday 8th October was National Poetry Day. The topic for the day was Light.

    Students had assemblies around the theme of Poetry, were read poems by members of staff in class and took part in a competition for the best poetry written. Winners were:-

    Year 7 Rhianna Lenton – Brown

    Year 8 Phillip Freeman E1

    Year 9 Sophie Glover C2

    Year 10 Ryan Field E2

    Year 11 Emily Baxter C1

    Kirsty, Junior Wardens and BBC Radio Derby.

    Derby Youth Mayor

    Kirsty Glover, Y11 student at da Vinci, was elected as Derby’s Deputy Youth Mayor for 2015/16 last July. She has been invited to appear by Mashup Derby on the Sally Pepper show this Thursday, 1 October at 11am at BBC Radio Derby.

    Mashup Derby are now running Junior Wardens, the Derby Homes initiative, which Kirsty has taken part in. BBC Radio Derby are interviewing Kirsty regarding one of the biggest success stories of the project to date, that of her having been through the project before reaching the position she now occupies. She will be talking about her experience with Junior Wardens. Tune in at 11 am on Thursday to hear what she has to say. We’ll be all ears.

  • Sainsbury's School Games

    da Vinci has achieved The Sainsbury’s School Games Silver Mark. Ms Stafford completed the application a few weeks back and each year previous we have only achieved Bronze, so this is a great step up.

    The criteria is based on last years' Extra Curricular PE participation (both competitive and non competitive), number of Student Leaders and hours of curricular and extra curricular PE on offer to students.

    Coca-Cola Visit

    On Tuesday 15th September Year 9 students had an opportunity to visit Milton Keynes Coca-Cola factory. Students had insight into the manufacturing and production process involved in producing soft drinks. We were able to see the production line from the cans arriving empty to the finished product. Students were surprised how quickly the whole process to packaged ready to go out to shops. As part of the day they had opportunity to design their own drink looking at the marketing and advertising their own brand, lots of inventive names.

    Here are some comments from students about the day;

    Chloe Langley said “The trip was really good as I saw the manufacturing process from start to end. It was really interesting finding out about marketing and the history of Coca-Cola and the other drinks made by them. Overall I really enjoyed this trip it is one of the best trips that I have been on, whilst being at da Vinci”.

    Megan Bentley said “The trip was outstanding I really enjoyed the day and I would go again”.

    Sandra Lewkowia said “I found out lots of interesting facts about the factory and how to advertise products”.

    Prom 2015

    Leavers - Prom 2015 - Click here for more photos.

  • During the recent Alternative Timetable Day, 50 Year 9 students worked tirelessly to develop wind turbine designs to produce the greatest amount of electricity possible.

    Click here to find out how students got on during The Wind Turbine Challenge.

    The reward celebration event was a great success and the students were presented with their certificates and awards by the school governors. The students were recognised for their great achievements so far this academic year for maintaining 100% attendance, excellent punctuality and no behaviour incidents. The governors commented on how positive this was and how this will impact positively on other students. Overall this was a fantastic opportunity for the students to be involved in and we are now encouraging others to follow this positive path in order to reward more students for their positive attitude towards school.

    Click here to view a slideshow of images from the event.

    Gemma – “I felt very happy when I got my award and I like everything about it. I enjoyed meeting the governors.”

    Angel – “It made me feel very proud to be included in the event with the governors and I really enjoyed it.”

    Amy – “I felt very proud when I received my certificate and I was very proud to be a da Vinci student.”

    Tegan – “It was really good to get an award for doing well in school.”

    Here is a brand new gallery for the Art Exhibition Class of 2015!

    These are just two examples from many of the wonderful pieces of work done by students, and presented as an art exhibition.

    Click here to view the full Art Exhibition Gallery.

    Click here to read our final report from Ofsted. Also click here to read our accompanying cover letter.

    Business on the Move, visited daVinci to share their educational business logistics board game with students. Click here to find out how they got on.

Upcoming Events

Events For December 2015

1st December: Trip to Warner Studios – Harry Potter tour

2nd December: 1.15pm Y5 Christmas Concert – dress rehearsal

2nd December: BTEC Music Concert ‘Polar Express’

4th December: INSET day – school closed to students

9th December: Christmas Lunch in hall

9th December: 1.30pm Y5 Christmas Maths Challenge

10th December: Y11 launch event (9.30am, 1.30pm, 6.30pm)

16th December: Panto – Cinderella at Derby Theatre

17th December: Media Studies trip to Harry Potter studios